Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Stanley Family News
October 9, 2017

Dear Families,
I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend!

Megan Simon, Literacy Specialist
As children develop as readers, it's important for them to build their automaticity with sight words.  However, finding new and fun ways to practice sight words can always be a challenge!  Check out this blog post for some activities you can do with your child to practice sight words at home: https://teachingmama.org/fun-ways-practice-sight-words/

News from the Health Office:

Health Paperwork, Physical Exams and Doctor’s Orders: If you still owe the Health Office a physical for a Kindergarten, Grade 4 or a New Student, Please send or fax (781-592-9500) a copy ASAP.  Any other First Day health paperwork and Doctor’s Order’s for daily or ‘as needed’ medication should be turned into the office ASAP as well.

Classroom Parties: Due to the number of Stanley School students with food allergies and to the nationwide appeal to promote healthy eating habits, classroom parties and the consumption of food in the classroom will be restricted to 3 ‘parties’ a year ( Halloween, Valentines Day and End of the Year).  Aside from these 3 parties all non- curriculum related classroom-based celebrations and parties are to be food and beverage free.  Foods and Beverages are not used as a reward or incentive, except as documented in a child’s Individual Education Plan.

Food for the 3 designated classroom parties must be approved by the school nurse prior to the day of the party.  The focus of the party should be centered a round an activity and then a few healthy food choices may be provided. No home made products will be allowed.  All foods served must have an ingredient list available.  All products must be peanut, tree nut free and take in to consideration any other allergies of students in the class room.  Snacksafely.com is a good resource for a ‘safe snack guide’.

Check out the Teal Pumpkin Project: Promoting Inclusion of All Trick or Treaters.
The Food Allergy Research and Education’s (FARE) Teal Pumpkin Project is a wonderful way of raising awareness of food allergies while promoting the inclusion of all trick or treaters.  Participating is easy: You simply place a teal-colored pumpkin on your doorstep (available at various retail outlets and from Allergysuperheroes.com) indicating you have non-food treats available for children with food allergies and other conditions.
More information is available at SnackSafely.com.

Vision and Hearing Screening: Vision and Hearing Screening will be conducted at Stanley School on October 17 and October 24.  If your child wears glasses please be sure he/she brings their glasses to school on these dates.

Pediculosis/Head Lice: As activities more indoors and students participate in group activities and sports the incidence of Head Lice increases.  Parents are reminded to check their child’s head weekly and for any complaint of an itchy head. For more info including VIDEOS on how to treat head lice go to: www.headlice.org. Also, more info for parents on the web: www.cdc.gov/parasites/lice/head/parents.

Clothing Donation: The Health Office is looking for a donation of new girls and boys underwear, sizes 4-5 and 6.  Also, size 4 and up of pants and tops to be loaned to students who’s clothing becomes wet or soiled during the school day.

Click Here to read about and view slides from the recent Google Presentation for Parents. This was really informative and interesting.

No More Emailed Flyers:  Central Office will no longer send flyers through each school office for email distribution.  Instead, all flyers will be posted on the district website under the community flyers link.  Please remember to visit the district website community flyers link for the latest information. 

Dogs on Path Make Some Kids Anxious Before School:  Please don’t tie up your dog on the path from the Unitarian Church. While most dogs are nice most of the time, it only takes a growl or a lunge to deeply scare a child walking to school.  For those who are afraid of dogs or allergic it can cause added anxiety during the very important transition to school. 

Art, Mrs. DiLisio
We are wrapping up our Square One Art pieces.  The ocean-themed artwork is beautiful.

Library and Technology Update

New This Year! For the next six weeks in Library and Technology, all K-4 students will be participating in the Global Read Aloud. The Global Read Aloud connects school children around the world through books and technology. I will read six different Mem Fox books (Koala Lou, Possum Magic, Tough Boris, Whoever You Are, Hattie and Fox, Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge) and to students in grades K-2, and I will read The Wild Robot by Peter Brown to 3rd and 4th grade students. Our 2nd and 3rd grade students will be assigned a pen pal. Our K, 1st, and 4th grade students will participate in a postcard exchange. For 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students I am using a secure blog for schools called Padlet for students to ask and answer questions about the books we are reading in class with other students. I invite parents to email me with questions! mmorgan@swampscott.k12.ma.us

Music, Mr. Seipt
Students in grade K-1 are learning a variety of new songs and finger plays, some of which parents and guardians may aready know. Students in grade 2 are beginning folk dances, grades 3-4 are expanding on existing repertoire of singing games as well as advancing musical literacy. Ask your child to share something they have learned in music class with you and your family at home!

Physical Education:  Kathy Pacitto

The weather has been so beautiful thus far this fall season.  Physical education classes are held outdoors each day.  Please have your child/children wear a jacket and be sure they wear their sneakers daily for P.E.  Ask your child to show you how he/she can tie his/her own sneaker laces.....  if they cannot, please help your child learn.  Thanks!

Students have been practicing hand-eye coordination skills as well as foot-eye coordination.  Ask you child to show you drills that involve these skills, .i.e. tossing & catching a ball with hands and kicking, trapping, and passing a ball with the foot.  

Physical Fitness is our Sept & Oct focus in physical education and health......

International Walk to School Day:  Thank you to all our great parent volunteers who helped out with this annual event.  It is amazing to think that on Oct 4, 2017 children and families from all around the world walked to school all on the same day!

Mrs. Cassidy's Kindergarten

Thank you to our chaperones for a wonderful field trip to Smolak Farms!  The children were fabulous and the weather was great!  Ask your child about Christopher Columbus, and why do we have a day off. See if he/she can name the ships.  Ask your child what did he think he discovered and actually what did he discover.  Lastly a special thank you to our volunteer room parents,  Reese Dahlberg ( Charlie's mom)  and Shawna Daoust (Lucas and James' mom). 

KD Website
Click here to link to Mrs. Draper’s fabulous website with photos of the recent field trip and much more!

In KW, we thoroughly enjoyed our apple picking adventure at Smolak Farm!  The children loved the apple picking, tractor ride, farm animals, apple cider donuts/cider snack, and playground fun. Thank you to all our chaperones who helped coordinate this memorable field trip!  Ask your child about the apple investigations we conducted.  We are looking forward to more fall fun in the coming weeks!

First graders in 1C have finished our Tall Tale unit. I hope you have enjoyed reading your child's book and learning about some of these interesting characters. In Reader's Workshop we are learning strategies to solve tricky words. Today we practiced looking across the whole word and looking at all its parts. In Math, we are beginning to learn about subtraction. We think about the whole and its parts. Ex: If we know 5+2=7 then we know that 7-5=2. Tuesday we will begin a new unit called Patterns in Space. Enjoy the long weekend!

1E has been working on becoming "Just Right" readers. A book that is just right for us still has some challenging words but we understand what we are reading without having to pause to decipher every single word. It is important to enjoy and learn from a book without feeling stressed out! Ask your student what they do to decide if a book is just right for them.

 It's hard to believe that we are already in the month of October! We finished up our Tall Tales unit, and are looking forward to beginning some work in Science on learning about patterns of the sun and the moon.  In Math we are working on number sense and number relationships. Fun activities that you can be trying at home (  for your math log! ) to reinforce this  would be playing any board games using dice, or card games like Uno.   Ask your child to tell you something about a new book they have read at school during Reader's Workshop!

News from 2C
Our second grade class welcomed October with an autumn poetry project and lots of planning for our ADJECTIVE PARADE! During math we've been practicing addition with three addends and our weekly estimating jar activity. Be sure to ask your child about their "just right books" and their favorite character from the chapter book "The Journey of Edward Tulane". 
Thank you so much to the families who shared hand wipes with us. They are certainly coming in "handy" after snack each day!

Ask your child about their book bins and what titles they "shopped" for this week.  We are practicing choosing books that are "just right" and we use the "5 finger rule" to check. Students listened to Miss Alaineus by Debra Frasier this serves as our springboard for THE ADJECTIVE PARADE.  This annual even is coming up on Friday, October 27th.  So exciting!
Thank you to Jackie Shanahan and Jackie Kirchhoff for volunteering as Room One's Room Parents.

3G News!

Ask your son or daughter about the ways we Represent Numbers. Ask them how to give you the word form, standard form and expanded form of a number in the hundreds and thousands! Ask your son or daughter about the value of the 5 in the number 1,569. Ask your son or daughter about the Six Land Regions of Massachusetts. Which one is Swampscott a part of? Ask your son or daughter about the Comprehension Check Good Readers Give themselves. Ask your son or daughter about the silly story the created today! Ask your son or daughter about fossils!

October is off to a great start in 30! We began our Place Value unit in Math, and the students have done a great job utilizing what they already know about place value to name four digit numbers. Ask your child the three ways we name numbers. During Literacy Block we have practicing making predictions in our independent reading books, then the students have been recording them, and stating their evidence, in their reading journals. Ask your child what chapter book they are currently reading. Lastly, we have continued our study of map skills, and an at home map project will be coming home with your child on Tuesday. Ask your child what elements all maps have. Have a great long weekend!

4B has really gotten into the swing of things this year! We are busy, busy, busy at work in all subject areas. In Math, we have finished up our Addition/Subtraction unit and are moving along to Multiplication/Division. We are working on some very interesting narrative fiction writing pieces - everyone has come up with extremely creative topics! We are continuing work in our fiction reading unit, which has greatly supported our writing unit. We will be starting work in Map Skills this upcoming week. Remember to keep practicing math facts and word sorts on a nightly basis!

We have been working hard in 4W and have jumped into our Character Study Unit, and have started our daily book groups. We are focusing on inferring our character's trait and finding evidence from the story to support it, then writing about it. In Math, we are working on our multiplication strategies, and using our area and perimeter algorithms to design our dream homes. Ask your child about the personal narratives we are working on in Writing Workshop! 

Thanks to teachers and staff for their entries and all their hard work to make these first six weeks of school so engaging for students!  Thanks to our PTO Leaders and Volunteers for all their hard work to get the year started on a such a good note, from chaperoning field trips, to helping in the Library to coordinating exciting cultural arts programs, our PTO is amazing.

Tom Daniels


Monday, September 25, 2017

Addendum to sfn

Dear Families,
The entries below from were inadvertently omitted from today’s Stanley Family news blog. 

Mrs. Draper's Kindergarten
KD is off and running! We have had a wonderful start to the year.  Our focus has been on learning classroom rules/routines and getting to know each other.  Ask your child to name three classmates they did not know before.  We have also been learning about the Zones of Regulation. The zones help us talk about how we are feeling and soon we will be talking about strategies that help us get back to the Green Zone.  Ask your child what zone they are in if they are angry? tired? worried?  Please remember and send a water bottle everyday. Have a great long weekend!

Grade 1 Mrs. Sheehan
First graders have been settling right into the routines of the new school year, and all supplies are now in! (Yay!)  We have been reviewing some of the "Fundations" (word work) skills that were learned in kindergarten, as well as number concepts.  Our Social Studies unit on Tall Tales is underway, and we have been learning about Johnny Appleseed.  Ask your child to tell you one characteristic of a Tall Tale!

News from 2C
Our second grade class is off to a great start! I have truly enjoyed getting to know each member of our class! We have begun to settle into a comfortable routine and our days together fly by! 
A few items of interest:
1. We could really use some gentle baby wipes for daily cleaning. If anyone has any to donate we would really appreciate it! 
2. The red language homework folders will travel home from school each Monday and should be completed and returned on Friday. 
3. Math homework, when assigned, is due the next day.
Enjoy the long weekend! Happy New Year to those who are celebrating! 
Lin Chronis

We have had a great start to our year! We have kicked off our Reader's Workshop reviewing key terms such a visualizing, inferring, making connections, and finding evidence in the text. We will begin book clubs next week. In Math, we have covered place value and are moving onto multi-digit addition and subtraction word problems. We also spent time in Writer's Workshop finding "Watermelon" topics, and finding seed stories within them to write a personal narrative. Be sure to ask your child about a Growth Mindset and Grit!

Sorry for the omissions. 
Tom Daniels
Stanley School

Stanley Family News

Stanley Family News
September 25, 2017

Dear Families,
 Welcome to our new Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Crystal Lopez! Mrs. Lopez is no stranger to Swampscott Public schools.  She attended Machon Elementary School and had Brenda Cassidy for a Kindergarten Teacher. She later went to Lynn Classical and had SHS Principal, Bob Murphy, for a history teacher.  Crystal worked as a subcontractor Administrative Assistant at General Electric.  Due to their policy of not hiring subcontractor employees for she could not be hired for a permanent position there.  Mrs. Lopez’s supervisor recommended her very highly and they are sad to see her go.  She worked with engineers at GE and had to be highly organized, flexible and effectively communicative with a variety of different stakeholders.  Crystal has two children who are active in sports and she is a highly involved sports parent volunteer.  Sports coordinators deeply value her ability to prevent and respond to other parents in a diplomatic and effective way.  Mrs. Lopez can be reached via email at clopez@swampscott.k12.ma.us
Welcome also to Amber Marzec, our new building substitute.  Amber hails from Tennessee where she was a student teacher and substitute.  She comes to us with great experience, terrific references and she is extremely enthusiastic.

News from the Health Office:
Thank you to all the parents/guardians for completing all the beginning of the year health paperwork. If you still owe Kindergarten or Grade 4 physicals or the medical update or emergency information forms, please download the paperwork, complete it and return it to me as soon as possible. Please be reminded that it is important to keep me up to date on any changes in your child's health history or medications in order for me to keep your child safe at school. Also, please remember to contact Mrs. Lopez, in the main office, of any changes in your phone numbers or emails to ensure we are able to contact you in the event of an emergency.
To date, our student body has been, for the most part, healthy. Students have suffered from environmental allergies but we have had no cases of strep throat, pneumonia, or 'stomach bug' reported.
·         Please be reminded that children must remain home if they have any of the following:
·         A contagious illness such as strep throat, conjunctivitis, or impetigo, unless treated with an antibiotic for a full 24 hours.
·         If your child has (or had in the last 24 hours) a fever, vomiting or diarrhea.
·         Head lice or nits may return after receiving effective treatment, including removal of nits and having their environment cleaned.  The child must be checked by the school nurse before reentering the school.
·         A rash of an unknown origin- may return when the child’s physician authorizes.  The child should bring a note from their doctor stating the rash is not contagious.
·         Pain management requiring narcotic medication.
Communicable Disease Management: The school nurse monitors and evaluates clusters of communicable diseases and reports to the local and state Boards of Health as required.
Parents are asked to notify the school if their child is diagnosed with a contagious illness (Strep throat, conjunctivitis, pneumonia, conjunctivitis, and vaccine preventable diseases) so the nurse can take the necessary steps to protect the health of the other children in the school.
Please remember to call the main office before 8:30 am if your child is going to be absent. Please state your child's name, teacher and the reason for their absence.
Should your child need medication administered during the school day please have your child's doctor complete and sign a medication administration/ parent consent form (found on the district website under the health tab). You should complete the bottom portion of the form and sign it giving consent to treat your child.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns re: your child's health.
Jane Cassidy RN, BSN, NCSN
Stanley School Nurse

Illegal Driving Activity
We have gotten reports that parents are driving the wrong way on Orchard Street and that some are taking a left turn out of the school driveway.  If you see something, say something. Please note license plate numbers of those who are breaking rules and call or email the school so we can address these problems with the police. Thank you to all of you who follow the rules dutifully!
Car Lane
Parents....please be sure to turn off your car engine while waiting in the car lane.  Massachusetts has strict emission laws prohibiting car idling for no more than 5 minutes on any school property!  THANK YOU.

School Food Guidelines
We have many students with life threatening food allergies and others with food-related health challenges.  In order to keep students safe and healthy we established some guidelines a number of years ago. One of the guidelines is that classrooms have only three parties involving food every year.  The food at these parties is healthy and safe and approved by the office. We do not celebrate birthdays with food but you are welcome to send in an alternative such as stickers or pencils or a picture book donation to the classroom. Please do not send in cupcakes, doughnuts, popsicles or any other food item for birthdays.  We appreciate your cooperation in this. 

As you know our school is nut free and we know this can be extremely challenging for children and families who rely on peanut butter as an inexpensive and tasty protein source.  We encourage you to check out a safe and delicious alternative, WowButter by clicking here.


We are looking forward to another great year for all students in music. Grade 3-4 Chorus is an invaluable opportunity for young children has officially begun as of Tuesday, September 19th. You can sign your child up by sending back the printed sign up sheet or sending an email. Band students have already completed week two of lessons. Please encourage your child to practice their band instrument at home every day for 15 minutes, as building good habits from the beginning is essential to ensure long-term success.

Physical Education and Health: Kathy Pacitto

The weather has been beautiful thus far and classes have been participating in Physical Education classes outdoors........Ask you child to toss & catch a ball with you working on hand-eye coordination and ask your child to kick & pass the ball on the ground to you as well working on foot-eye coordination as well.  

Health Education:  

The focus in Health this September is on school bus safety, seat belt safety, pedestrian safety and on physical fitness.  Please assist your child in learning how to properly cross the street being sure to never cross between two parked cars.  Ask your child what "Click it or Ticket" means in regard to seat belt safety.  Please note:  Children under the age of 13 should never ride in the front passenger seat of a car.

Stanley Fitness Walk:

Our annual Stanley Fitness Walk is going to be held on Friday, Sept 29th which also happens to be World Heart Day!

International Walk to School Day:

Our annual International Walk to School Day is going to be held rain or shine on Wednesday, Oct 4, 2017.

Car Lane:  Parents....please be sure to turn off your car engine while waiting in the car lane.  Massachusetts has strict emission laws prohibiting car idling for no more than 5 minutes on any school property!  THANK YOU.

Megan Simon, Literacy Specialist
Welcome back! We have two new tutors on our literacy team this year, Susan Jones and Lindsey Pfeiffenberger.  Susan and Lindsey both come to us with many years of experience, and we are so thrilled to have them join our team.  Starting this week, Susan began working in kindergarten, first, and second grade classrooms and Lindsey began working with third and fourth grade classrooms during morning literacy blocks.  Both Susan and Lindsey will be supporting students during Readers' and Writers' Workshop, phonics and spelling instruction, and differentiated reading groups.  Most pull-out reading groups began this week. If your student will be receiving additional reading and writing support outside of the classroom, a letter was sent home this week or will be sent home early next week explaining the schedule and the focus of instruction in our literacy group. Please feel free to call or email me throughout the year with any questions or concerns! 

This year, we kicked off our first summer reading program and had many students return their summer reading logs - thank you! We loved seeing the lists of fabulous books that were read over the summer.  A special thank you to the PTO for providing a special book light and certificate to each student who participated!

Mrs.Cassidy's Kindergarten

Welcome to the Stanley News!! We are off and running here in KC.  Ask your child what the "Must Do" are this week.  See if they can tell you about Center Time.  Ask your child what we did in Math and who is Echo??  If your child is going to buy a lunch please call Maureen Kelley at 781-596-8842 to receive a student number so that you can pay on line. 


It has been a successful start to the school year in KW!  We have been working hard learning our classroom routines and school rules.  Thank you for creating your family collages.  It has established a nice home-school connection.  The children love viewing them in our classroom library.  Ask your child about being a book lover and a respectful reader.  Ask them to share our “Hello Neighbor” song and information learned during our calendar time.  The children are very proud of what they have learned so far!

First graders in 1C are off to a great start. We are all adjusting to our classroom routines. In Reader's Workshop we are working on building good habits. We know that good readers take a sneak peek and think about what the book is going to be about. We are practicing on how to choose a book that is"just right" for us. This process takes some time, please encourage your child to take the time to reread a book or go back to his/her favorite part. In math we are learning about part/part/whole. (7+2=9, 6+3=9, 8+1=9) We have been learning lots of fun math games to practice addition. Xtra Math directions were sent home, please let me know if you have any trouble setting up your child's account.

Grade 1, Mrs. Ellis
1E has had a blast beginning the year with the exaggerations and comical situations of American tall tales. Ask your student what elements a story needs to be considered a tall tale. John Henry, Paul Bunyan, Davy Crockett, Sally Ann, Johnny Appleseed or Swamp Angel...ask your student about commonalities between all of our tales!

Grade 2, Mrs. Stephens
Second grade is moving right along! We have been lucky to have Mr. Citino here for the month of September.  He has helped the class get into the routines needed for running a successful Writer’s Workshop. I am truly amazed at the stories your children have written.  Ask them about their “Cinquain” poem.  The first week on Fundations homework went well. If you ever have questions about homework, feel free to email me.  I will be needing volunteers to help with Writer’s Workshop. Watch your email for more information.

3G News!

It has been a wonderful start to the year! The class is off to a strong start and they students have been getting along with one another very well! Mrs. R. and I are very lucky to have the opportunity to work with your son or daughter! Ask your son or daughter about the genres of fiction and the difference between a common and proper noun! Ask your son or daughter about graphing data; what are the three types of graphs we have studied and analyzed data with? Ask your son or daughter about the Sugar Man and which character from The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp they like the best! Ask your son or daughter about the bayou and some of the critters that live there. Can your son or daughter tell you the relative location of their house and school? Enjoy the long weekend!

We are off to a great start this school year in 30! The students are doing well mastering the daily routines and procedures that we've been practicing. Ask your child about what it means to make a visualization, and ask them what chapter book they are currently reading. During Math we have been graphing various types of data, ask your child about the 3 types we have learned so far. Lastly, during Social Studies we have been learning about where we live in the world, ask your child to tell you which region, and area of Massachusetts we live in. Thank you for your support as we began homework recently, the home-school connection is so important! Have a nice holiday to those who celebrate, and enjoy the long weekend!

Grade 4, Rebecca Boudreau

Welcome back Stanley families! We have had a wonderful start to the school year in 4B. It was so great meeting everyone at Curriculum Night, and I am truly enjoying getting to know each and every student. We have finished our first unit in math - Place Value. Next week we will begin a review of Addition and Subtraction. In Reader’s Workshop, we are beginning with fiction stories which will carry along well with our Writer’s Workshop unit of writing fiction stories. Please remember to practice math facts and study word sorts at home on a daily basis. I sent home a Scholastic Book Club letter with students today; I highly encourage everyone to order books for nightly reading! The more points we receive as a class, the more books we can acquire to add to our classroom library. Have a wonderful weekend!

Thank you to those that came out on Curriculum Night-- it was so nice to meet you all! 4S is off to a great start!  We have spent a lot of time working to build classroom community.  Ask your child about some of the fun activities we play during morning meeting! In math, students have been busy learning/reviewing concepts of place value and addition and subtraction.  Next week we will begin reviewing concepts of multiplication and division.  Students have also been busy practicing their math facts.  Ask your child about "Multiplication Bump".  In reading, we have been enjoying many picture books and learning about visualizing, structural elements in fiction, point of view, and are now working on making inferences.  Ask your child how to make an inference. 

Closing Thoughts
As part of our district focus on psychological safety our teachers have been learning about and working with some students on the “zones of regulation.” The zones are colored coded terms that refer to groups of feeling and body energy states.  The objective is to teach students to recognize their feelings and level of energy and learn how to get to and stay in a calm, regulated state, the “green zone.” Click here for more information. 

Tom Daniels, Principal, Stanley School

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Stanley Family News
June 18, 2017

Dear Families,
Our last Stanley Family News is dedicated to all the teachers, staff and students who are leaving Stanley at the end of this year, our retirees: Mrs. Lawler, Mrs. Waitt, and Loretta DiMascio and Dorina Helferich who is transferring to Hadley, and of course our wonderful fourth graders.  We will miss them all and thank them all for all their contributions to the Stanley School community!

Here is the calendar of upcoming events from now until the end of September, 2017. 
1:35 PM
New Gr. 3 Teacher, Taylor Purcell, visit

NAVs mascot visit
1:05 PM
ESP Meeting

Catie Porter at Stanley

Portal opens for revisions
1:45 PM
Volunteer Appreciation Tea

School Breakfast is served

12:00 PM
Early release day for staff and students with dismissal at noon.  School Lunch is served.

Last day of late Extended Day until 6:00 pm

9:00 AM
Moving On Dress Rehearsal

School Breakfast is served

10:00 AM
Moving On Ceremony

Early release days for staff and students with dismissal at noon.  No lunch served.  No after school extended day

Last Day of School 2017

No after school extended day

Report cards go home
7:00 PM
School Committee Meeting

School Committee

Class Placement individual letters plus Curriculum Night invitations sent out.  See Curriculum Night folder

Kindergarten School Assignment Letters sent out
9:00 AM
Gr. 4 Student Leaders First Meeting Tour Guide Training


School Committee
4:00 PM
New Family Tour

Kindergarten Screening

Kindergarten Screening

Kindergarten Screening

Kindergarten First Full Day of School

6:00 PM
Stanley Open House 6:00 – 7:30 PM

Library, Mrs. Morgan
Thank you to all who have returned library books this week. If you have not yet returned your student’s library books, please do so as soon as possible!

I read If you Give a Cat a Cupcake by Laura Numeroff to kindergarten students and then they used Cupcake Maker on the ABCYA website to make their own cupcake. Last week kindergarten students learned about shape poems. I read a few shape poems from Flicker Flash by Joan Bransfield Graham and then students had the opportunity to write their own shape poem using Theme Poem Maker on the ABCYA website. Ask your student to show you his/her poem!

First grade students are learning about shape poems in library this week. I read a few poems from Flicker Flash by Joan Bransfield Graham and then students had the opportunity to write their own shape poem using Theme Poem Maker on the ABCYA website. Ask your first grader to show you his/her poem! Last week first grade student used an online graph maker to make their own pie, line, and bar graphs. Ask your student to share his/her graph with you.

Second grade students are writing news articles about the books we read in library this spring. Ask your student to show you his/her news clipping!

Third grade students are finishing up their animal poster. My goal with this assignment is to get students thinking about where they get their pictures and information by including an informal citation on the poster. To view some completed posters please click here look at the third grade projects page on the library website.

Students in 4B and 4S have finished their Grand Canyon videos. I shared the videos to each student’s Google Drive so please ask your student to show you the video. Students in 4L have just started working on the video and I am hoping they finish by the end of the year.

Physical Education, Kathy Pacitto
Our annual Stanley School Field Day was a huge success this year!  Fortunately the weather cooperated on Friday, June 9th and we had a great day!  THANK YOU to all the parent volunteers and to the teachers for helping to make the day a success and so much FUN for the kids!!  The true purpose of Field Day is to have a culminating whole school year end activity to reinforce all skills learned in physical education classes throughout the year, including active locomotor & non-locomotor movement, team building, running skills, balance, coordination, partner work, team spirit, fair play, good sportsmanship and FUN!!

Students in grades K-4 worked so hard in physical education classes this year.  Students' personal good effort was always predominant in every class.  Each class works on effort, conduct, sportsmanship & fair play.  Students worked hard to achieve, meet and exceed physical education standards.  The effort put forth by all students is incredible on a daily & weekly basis.  We adapt to the weather and work hard whether we participate indoors or outdoors.  SAFETY is always #1 in Physical Education. 

Students and families are encouraged to have a safe, healthy and active summer vacation!  See you all in AUGUST!! 

Grade 1, Mrs. Coletti
First graders in 1C have been busy scientists! Ask your child about some of the science experiments we have done. Portfolios have gone home! Please take some time to look over your child's work. Each student has made such tremendous progress this year. Thank you to all the families that helped make Field Day so much fun!

Grade 1, Mrs. Ellis
1E has loved singing about shapes. Catchy tunes to accompany a visual have helped us throughout the year remember important concepts. New Link
Many of our zinnia plants have really sprouted and are standing tall. Unfortunately some of our plants did not make it through the long Memorial Day weekend. This was a good reminder to our class how important sun and water are to organisms.  

Grade 4, Mrs. Lawler

Ode to a Departing Class

Farewell to our class who's moving on
We'll honor you by singing a song
The end of school is coming soon
On Friday, the 23rd of June

But as you depart and say Good-bye
We'll try (hard) to keep a dry eye
Because you're moving on, each and every one
And your splendid journey has just begun!

We wish all your future dreams will come true
Because we, at Stanley School, care about you!
Remember to keep on learning and growing
And share joy wherever you're going!

Closing Thoughts
It’s been another great year at Stanley due to the unwavering dedication of our teachers and staff and our incredible PTO and parent volunteers.  Most importantly, I want to acknowledge the kindness, character and hard work of our outstanding students, your children, who make our school such a joyful place.  Thank you one and all.

Tom Daniels
Stanley Elementary School